Katty Xiomara

The brand was founded in 2001 by the Portuguese fashion designer Katty Xiomara. Fills the fashion week calendar in Portugal since 1998 and works with other design projects in such diverse areas as children's clothing, uniforms, theatre, dance, and graphic arts. Alongside her career as a Fashion Designer, Katty Xiomara is a lecturer at Modatex in Porto; where​ teach about themes like Street wear, Tribes and Urban Subculture. ​The brand's philosophy falls within the concept of designer-driven pieces that are aspirational yet accessible, elegant, and timeless, with bold use of color and prints. Our commitment is to develop garments by an Eco-Design approach to minimize the fabric waste and taking to the minimum the use of accessories like zippers and buttons, letting the storytelling influence the designs of seasonless collections. The production is made locally in Portugal with a European source - raw materials (most of the fabrics used are recycled or eco-smart fabrics).

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